People ask all the time, “what is change management?”

Change management provides a structured approach for an organization to shift from where they are to a desired, better future. It deals with organizational changes from both the perspective of the business and the individuals within the business. The goal is to (1) proactively identify and manage the impact of any organization’s changes, (2) to increase the likelihood of those changes being adopted by those impacted by them, and – most importantly – (3) to create a sustainable environment in which the “change” becomes second nature. Success lies in sustainability, when the “new process” is no longer new, and when talk of the “old way” has diminished.

Change is indeed a process; making the right investment in this process will get you to the right outcome every time. Our role is to help you identify and execute the right change management strategy to help you meet your business needs, achieve your goals, and sustain your future.

Shauna J. Rowland, CCMP

Partner, Laura Varn & Associates

Owner, Rowland Consulting, LLC