We believe every person, every business, and every community deserves the best shot at success. We aspire to fulfill this vision every day. How? Through our unique ability to solve complex challenges. And do so in a way that is grounded in trust, strong relationships and open communication.


If you believe in greater success, our strategic problem solving services will help transform your organization.

What makes us unique? Our ability to think differently and implement those strategies, all while leveraging a strong network of credible connections.

We solve problems by delivering viable solutions to organizations.


Problem solving. It’s part of everyday business. Yet many leaders only see one side of the issue.

  • We teach and train a unique way to approach problems. It’s called Polarity Thinking, and it’s an enhanced way of analyzing complex issues. And it truly transforms businesses.
  • In complex issues, there are two different and often competing tensions, or polarities. For example, planning OR implementation? Cost of service OR level of service? Tradition OR change? This “either/or” thinking ends in a win/lose.
  • We teach you to manage BOTH sides of the issue. By understanding the tensions between two conflicting topics, your business can better address the issue and get the best out of BOTH sides while avoiding the negatives of both sides. It allows us to develop better and more sustainable solutions.
  • Results? Enhanced problem-solving skills, stronger leadership capabilities and most importantly, an organization that truly thrives.

Problem solved. Win/win!


An organization is nothing more than the people who work there. Your employees truly are your greatest asset.

  • Businesses’ Number One job is helping employees reach their full potential, and if done right it empowers your company to be Number One in your field.
  • Strategic Human Resources can move mountains.
  • We offer years of cultural transformation and organization development experiences that have helped workforces become more competitive.
  • We have created and implemented corporate-wide employee engagement surveys, implemented numerous new HR technologies, launched electronic Open Enrollment platforms, and launched reward and recognition programs.
  • Our efforts in restructuring Human Resources departments to meet company objectives, launching Continuous Improvement/Six Signa processes, creating HR strategies to link with  business goals and revamping HR processes help move businesses from the manual to the modern.
  • We believe it is critical to empower employees to make wise decisions regarding their families, careers, wealth and health.


South Carolina is a relationship state. Knowing how to get plugged in– quickly, with the right people–is the key to success.

  • We fill the gap between opening your doors and profitability.
  • Our partners bring together years of deep, trusting professional relationships spanning business, government, community leadership and nonprofit to you, so you can grow your business faster.
  • Based on your objectives, we can quickly get you connected to the influencers who can help you generate ROI. Develop your community credibility faster. Shorten your business onramp. Become integrated into the business scene.
  • Because we believe in an even better, stronger South Carolina. And the more businesses succeed, the more South Carolina thrives.


Success rises or falls on leadership. How can leaders further develop skills that make an impact?

  • Success rises or falls on leadership. How can leaders further develop skills that make an impact?
  • We offer a different way to help individuals and teams enhance their leadership skills.
  • We offer unique perspectives and practical tips on conflict resolution, public speaking and team development.
  • Our years working to enhance corporate cultures and manage crisis situations lends to powerful lessons in change management and crisis communications.
  • Helping professional women advance in the workplace is a deep passion of ours. We share our years of experience on how to do this from both strategic and tactical perspectives.


The ability to effectively communicate messages to your key audiences is a hallmark of success.

  • We offer visionary and strategic communications counsel and the chops to implement those strategies well.
  • We’ve got decades of corporate communications, internal and external communications, publications, public relations, marketing communications, media relations, advertising, customer communications and creative and technical services experience.
  • We are skilled at relaying complex messages and moving the needle.
  • Our work increases trust, fosters greater understanding, and elevates communications of any organization.

“With a business challenge, you can count on Laura to provide a thoughtful, professional, and strategic solution.”

David Ginn, President & CEO, Charleston Regional Development Alliance

“Laura embodies the perfect storm of attributes – intellect, vision, leadership, trust, and experience to take your organization to new heights. She is the quintessential expert in organizational development.”

Ann Kulze, MD, CEO Just Wellness LLC

“Laura Varn effectively shared a special set of leadership skills during her year as Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce Chair. She elevated our business community's performance by focusing on the right priorities, minimizing negative or irrelevant factors, and building dynamic stakeholder partnerships. I am confident that she will empower your business, or organization, to excel in a like manner.”

Bryan Derreberry, President & CEO, Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce

We help companies meet strategic challenges head-on.